Speaker WETANGULA’s son, ALVIN, on the spot for holding a senior position in Government despite graduating at the bottom of his class in the UoN Engineering Class of 2015 as best students tarmack (LOOK).

Sunday, July 7, 2024 - There is an uproar on social media after it emerged that two sons of politicians hold senior positions in Government despite graduating at the bottom of the class in the UoN Civil Engineering class of 2015.

Alvin Wetangula, the son of National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula, was the last in the class but he now holds a senior position at the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), thanks to his father’s connection.

Debora Kerubo, one of the best students in the Engineering Class, was still tarmacking as of 2022 and doing online jobs to survive, despite her remarkable performance.

Most senior government jobs are assigned to incompetent sons and daughters of politicians, who performed poorly in school.

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