RUTO is not sleeping because of Gen Zs and is also angry and helpless after GACHAGUA hired goons to infiltrate peaceful protests - Details emerge.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - Below is a post by activist Boniface Mwangi on new developments in the political circles after Gen Zs organized demos that shocked the political class.

I am reliably informed that some opposition politicians have been bribed by Zakayo, and Gachietha.

 Their sole aim moving forward is to discredit the Gen Zs. 

A movement that has inspired all of us to take back our country and make Kenya a place that works for all of us.

You will start seeing Kenya Kwanza and opposition politicians start closing ranks, and they will speak in one language in an attempt to damage this movement.

When you see this happening understand that the political class is fighting for survival. 

This movement is about ideas and not personalities and the political class is still under the misguided view that this moment can be wished away, and that they can go back to lying to the people.

This movement makes it impossible for most of them to get back their hateful, tribal, and corrupt platform. Zakayo also wants to fire his entire cabinet but he doesn’t know who to appoint because the entire political class is rotten. 

Political appointments in our country's major consideration is pleasing tribal voting blocs, and pleasing your political allies.

 It’s never been about merit, and because of the Gen Zs, Zakayo’s government has become toxic, illegitimate, and a lame duck. Once he fires his cabinet, he cannot appoint another cabinet fwaaaaa.

Zakayo is also angry, and helpless because Gachietha hired goons that caused the damage of looting, and destruction. He wants to punish him but he doesn’t know how.

 Why can’t he use the law? He is afraid of losing the Mount Kenya vote, but he should realize he has already lost the whole country including his stronghold in Rift Valley. The man isn’t sleeping. He hasn’t left the State House for two weeks.

Ametoka kwenda kanisa tu, na leo kuenda KICC. Following Zakayo's favourite quote;

 “You can lie to some people for some time, you can also lie to all the people for some time, but you can’t lie to all the people all of the time.” 

This Kenyan movement has finally caught up with him and his lies and has also caught up with the entire political class and their delusions. 

Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and we are taking it back. One flag at a time.

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