Here are Nine Issues that Gen Z wants RUTO to address and not useless press conferences with busy bodies like RAILA, GACHAGUA and MUDAVADI

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - The young Kenyans who have been demonstrating in the country for the last three weeks have urged President William Ruto to stop useless press conferences and instead address the nine issues they have raised on social media.

Instead of acting on the nine demands by Gen Z, Ruto has been dilly-dallying with useless press conferences and media invites which are not solving the problems facing the country such as corruption, unemployment, and over-taxation.

These are the nine things that Gen Z wants Ruto to address urgently before he is forced out of the state house.

1. Dissolve parliament and Cabinet.

2. Remove the housing levy

3. Restore the Linda Mama programme.

4. Restore EduAfya programme.

5. Remove ID replacement fees.

6. Reduce university fees to pre-2022.

7. Return the school feeding programme.

8. Reduce the fuel levy.

9. Return normal school capitation.


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