RUTO has panicked and is desperate that’s why he is abducting people – GIDEON MOI reacts to ALFRED KETER’s abduction on Sunday

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 – Former Baringo Senator and KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has criticized President William Ruto and his goons following the abduction of former Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter on Sunday.

Keter, who is a vocal government critic, confirmed his abduction on Sunday by the hooded government operatives before he was released later that day, and Moi believes this is an attempt to create public fear as Kenya Kwanza faces intense opposition.

According to Gideon, Ruto has panicked due to the Gen Zs revolution and is now desperately instilling public fear.

“On Sunday, the nation witnessed the abduction of former Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter in Nairobi, another incident in a series of proliferating gangland-type kidnappings.”

“This alarming trend, including the abduction of numerous young people that we have consistently and unequivocally condemned, heralds a grim future for the rule of law that Kenya prides itself on.”

“Since the onset of the vehement opposition to oppressive economic policies mounted by young people, some of them remain missing, held incommunicado, while their families are distressed about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

“This desperate attempt to instill fear in the public and silence dissent is unwarranted, uncalled for, and has no place in our nation,” Gideon said in a statement.

Gideon warned the law-enforcing agencies to carry out arrests in a manner that respects the guidelines provided by the Constitution; otherwise, they would make it worse for Ruto.

Keter joined young people who protested against the Finance Bill 2024 in Nairobi and told them not to relent, especially in pursuit of calling out the MPs who supported the unpopular bill.


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