KAREN NYAMU shares a cryptic message after President RUTO addressed her conduct in public and revealed that he is also fed up with her rogue behaviours

Saturday, July 6, 2024 - Controversial city politician Karen Nyamu has surfaced with a cryptic message after President Ruto addressed her conduct in public during an engagement with young Kenyans on X Space.

The scandalous Senator was singled out by one user who wondered why she is still holding public office despite her conduct which has brought disrepute to the office she currently holds.

Ruto said he summoned Nyamu and told her that she needs to change.

“Even Nyamu, I have had an occasion to sit her down and tell her that she needs to change what she is doing.”

“She is a girl I have had to sit down and tell her, look, you need to do things differently.”

“I know what is going on and I have promised that I will be making changes.” the President stated.

In an apparent response to being called out by the President, the lawmaker took to Instagram on July 5, 2024, sharing a photo with the caption that read:

“Welcome to Kenya my country where baddies also snitch.”

Nyamu has been at the center of controversies and was at one point summoned by UDA party after getting involved in an altercation in a club in Dubai.


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