Citizen TV’s LULU HASSAN reacts to a trending PHOTO of her getting mushy with an unidentified man

Saturday, July 6, 2024 - Seasoned news anchor Lulu Hassan recently confronted an X user who attempted to tarnish her reputation with a throwback photo.

The controversy began when an X user named Kevin, operating under the handle @5People, shared an old photo of Lulu Hassan with another man.

The image, depicting a young and fresh-faced Hassan early in her career, was accompanied by claims that Hassan had been linked to the man before marrying her current husband, Rashid Abdalla.

Kevin labeled Lulu a liar in his post, suggesting that she had hidden her past.

Lulu Hassan, known for her grace and professionalism, did not let the post slide.

She quickly responded to Kevin's allegations, urging him to show respect and refrain from dragging her into his jokes.

Hassan's response, written in Swahili, was direct and firm: "Fanya heshima sitaki upuzi wako," which translates to "Have respect, I don't want your nonsense."

Her response resonated with many of her fans, who praised her for standing up for herself and handling the situation with dignity.


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