Fire all Cabinet Secretaries and advisors including useless DAVID NDII – KHALWALE tells RUTO.

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - Kakamega County Senator, Dr. Boni Khalwale, has urged President William Ruto to fire all his cabinet secretaries and advisors to pacify Generation Z, who have been demonstrating for the past two weeks.

Speaking on the floor of the senate, Khalwale counselled the president to consider reducing operatives in the National Executive to free the money meant for salaries and allowances to other critical government commitments.

Khalwale asked Ruto to reconstitute the Cabinet, annul unconstitutional offices like Prime Cabinet Secretary, and do away with useless advisors like Dr. David Ndii, who he said is not helping the government.

"Things to do: Mr president, dissolve Cabinet, reconstitute it, disband offices outside the constitution, including CASs, Prime CS, and offices of the First and Second Lady because they are not in the constitution. 

"Also, advisors, if they are useful, then what David Ndii is doing is not advice but misadvice," he said.

Makueni senator Enock Wambua also asked the president to reduce the number of Cabinet Secretaries to 14 from the current 23.


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