Nominated UDA senator urges RUTO to fire all corrupt CSs and PSs to placate GEN Z.

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - Nominated United Democratic Alliance (UDA) senator Esther Okenyuri has asked President William Ruto to fire all corrupt Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries to placate the young people who have been demonstrating in the past three weeks.

Okenyuri insisted that it was time the Head of State cracked the whip on these individuals.

"To the President, we need radical changes, people need to see heads rolling. 

"We've had people implicated in several scandals which are well known to the public domain," she said during her address at the Senate, on Wednesday.

Okenyuri said that failure to do this, the entire government might collapse.

She added that she believes in President Ruto's plan for the country but he must first get rid of the people causing the current problems. 

"Politics should be separated from friendship. If you hold on to your friends Mr President, we might sink with them, unfortunately," she said.

"We are here to support your agenda. I believed in your agenda and I still do. Still, we need to separate friendship from politics for us to steer this country forward so that we don't see the unnecessary issues we are seeing now." 


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