Clergy wants an international figure like OBAMA to mediate between RUTO and GEN Z.

Monday, July 2, 2024 - A section of religious leaders from Siaya County has asked the government to sit down with Generation Z and resolve their differences to avert weekly protests that are destroying the country’s economy.

Through their umbrella organization, the Siaya Church Leaders Forum (SCLF), the religious leaders believe that the only way the protests will end is through mediation by an independent party.

The church leaders led by Arch Bishop James Opiyo Anyango lauded the government's efforts to engage to address their demands.

"We advise that an independent international mediator be engaged to end this stalemate because of other promises that have gone without being fulfilled," Opiyo said.

Opiyo noted that the youth lack trust in the government.

He said if conflicting parties do not hold discussions, then there will be no solution to the protests.

"What can make things streamlined is if we have a foreigner, an independent person that all groups will look at him or her and give their trust," Opiyo said.

He noted that the bone of contention in the protests wastage by the government.

"Kenya is a very blessed country with a lot of resources for all of us. But what is happening in the government is that there is no transparency," he said.


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