187 protestors who were arrested on Tuesday freed on bond

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - 187 protestors who were arrested for taking part in the anti-government protests on Tuesday have been freed on bond.

According to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), minors were granted a Sh10,000 bond each, while adults received a Sh50,000 bond each.

The organization’s President Faith Odhiambo stated that the minors will be held at Capitol Hill police station whereas the adults will be released once they provide information about their close family and relatives.

“The court has granted each of the children arrested a personal bond of Sh.10,000 and has ordered that they be held at Capitol Hill police station separate from the adults as they provide details of their parents in accordance with the bond terms,” Odhiambo stated on X.

“The adults were each given a Personal bond of Sh.50,000 and will be released after providing details of their close family and relatives,” she added.

She pointed out that to expedite the release process and prevent delays by law enforcement, the court set a strict deadline for the police to record all relevant details of the arrested individuals and secure their release in compliance with the court orders.

“To prevent the recent habit of police frustrating release processes even after court orders are issued, the court gave the police a deadline of 10 am by which time all relevant details of the arrested persons ought to have been recorded and their release secured,” Odhiambo said.

Odhiambo remarked that the court will address the issue of protecting the children involved in today’s (Thursday) session.

“The matter will be mentioned tomorrow for directions on how children can be given protection as most are orphaned street children,” she highlighted.


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