RUTO is incompetent and tribal! Kenya Kwanza's DAVID OCHIENG now criticizes the president for appointing ‘uneducated’ Kalenjins and Kikuyus as CSs

 Saturday, June 15, 2024 - Ugenya Member of Parliament David Ochieng has faulted President William Ruto's administration over its appointments.

Speaking in his constituency yesterday, Ochieng criticized the current government for selecting what he described as the most incompetent individuals to hold office.

According to Ochieng, a coalition partner in Kenya Kwanza, the current appointees are either underqualified or chosen based on tribal affiliations.

He further lamented that many of these appointees exacerbate the situation by appointing their clansmen and people from their own tribes.

Therefore, he warned that the country was at risk of missing out in its development agenda should the trend continue.

"We choose the most unschooled, the most uneducated, and the most tribal people to run the government. We cannot grow that way. If we do not put the best to run government then we shall never grow.

"When a vacancy arises, they give employment opportunities to their tribesmen and clan. The country cannot be run like that. We have to get the best," he stated.

Further, he explained why he had decided to speak out against the government which he helped from after the 2022 polls.

According to Ochieng, he could no longer keep quiet when things were going in the wrong direction given that the citizens were the most affected by poor service delivery.

Notably, the Kenya Kwanza administration has been ranking poorly in recent surveys with most appointees including cabinet secretaries scoring Ds in performance rank.


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