Hustlers don’t eat bread, don’t drink bottled water and don’t own cars – MUTAHAI NGUNYI now tells RUTO as he supports the punitive Finance Bill 2024.

Friday, June 7, 2024 – Renowned pollical analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has urged Kenyans to pay taxes without complaining too much.

This follows the contentious Finance Bill, 2024 which has caused a serious uproar among members of the public due to many taxes it seeks to impose and raise on some commodities.

However, taking to his social media platform, Mutahi Ngunyi supported the punitive Finance Bill, saying people must pay tax.

“Fellow KENYANS: Tax is the RENT you PAY for living in Kenya. End of Discussion,” Ngunyi stated.

According to the political analyst, hustlers do not eat bread and neither do they drink bottled water. They don’t even own cars and as a result, will not be affected by the taxes imposed on them.

“Dear Hustlers: What is your PROBLEM? Only 1.2 million Kenyans out of 52 million OWN cars. 

"40 million of YOU will NEVER own a car. 

"Question: Why defend Car Owners if you have No Car? 

"Also: Do Hustlers drink BOTTLED WATER or use Tea bags? NO! Ruto is TAXING the RICH. Is this WRONG?”

“Tax on BREAD is downright WRONG. It is a SIN. But THINK about it! How many families eat BREAD in Kenya? 

"20 million Village Kids eat 'left-over' UGALI and porridge for breakfast. Check the UNDP Index on poverty. 

"If Tax on BREAD is a SIN, why? It affects the middle class. RIGHT?” he added.


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  1. This guy needs a government job as soon as yesterday. His wild posts za kujipendekeza to Ruto even as hustlers suffer are shameful to say the least. Sometimes i wonder what some people were doing in the university for 3 years and a bonus one during the A1 coupe on MO1 gava