Shock as DAN MAANZO directly implicates President RUTO in the fake fertilizer scandal after LINTURI survived impeachment.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - In the wake of the failed bid to impeach Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi over the fake fertilizer scandal, scrutiny has now shifted to President William Ruto, who is the appointing authority.

This is after Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo directly implicated Ruto in the scandal which has severely impacted farmers.

Maanzo accused Ruto of directly interfering with the fake fertiliser scandal probe; a clear indication that the President knew what was happening.

Maanzo, a member of the Senate Committee investigating the distribution of counterfeit fertilizer to farmers nationwide, revealed shocking details suggesting that the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) was involved in facilitating the sale of the fake product.

However, he claimed that those primarily responsible for the scam have not faced legal consequences.

“Yes, there is overwhelming evidence that there has been state interference. 

"First and foremost, as I've told you, from our own investigations as a committee, all the people who have been charged, there is no evidence against them. So, they will eventually be acquitted."

“The theft took place at lower levels...none of them have been arrested. And now the government has made sure that Linturi does not carry political responsibility. So, nobody is responsible,” he stated.

Maanzo's allegations have ignited a firestorm of political finger-pointing, with legislators now directing scrutiny toward President William Ruto.

He argued that Ruto wields significant influence over parliamentarians and could have influenced the outcome of Linturi's impeachment.


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