RUTO declares Friday, MAY 10, as a public holiday to honour flood victims

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - President William Ruto has declared Friday, May 10, as a public holiday to honour the victims of the ongoing floods in the country.

Speaking during a meeting in Kajiado on Wednesday, the Head of State set aside the day to remember lives affected by the floods.

Official government statistics indicate that 238 people lost their lives from the nationwide flooding phenomenon that kicked off in March.

"Friday, May 10, 2024, a day set to remember those who have been adversely affected by the ravages of climate change. 

"Let us use the day to work towards improving our environment," an insider at the State House stated, attributing the announcement to the President.

The Head of State further indicated that the day will be dedicated to planting trees or climate change mitigation.


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    A holiday of planting trees as they loots megaly.

    A thief thinks it will be given a nobel prize for planting trees.

    It just wakes-up and declares a public holiday to plant trees with a scheme of looting without shame. Shenzi sana: Am not planting any tree imbecile proboscis monkey!