KIONI says RUTO has abandoned RIGATHI GACHAGUA despite rallying Mt Kenya residents to vote for him en masse – LOOK!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - Former Ndaragua Member of Parliament Jeremiah Kioni has raised concerns about the perceived sidelining of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua from governmental affairs.

In an interview with Hot 96 FM, Kioni, the Jubilee Party Secretary General, claimed Gachagua has been isolated and neglected by President William Ruto since their election in 2022.

Kioni suggested Ruto used Gachagua solely as a means to secure the presidency.

"I informed Rigathi Gachagua within a year that Ruto had severed ties with him. 

"A year later, he finds himself isolated, abandoned, and lonely," claimed Kioni.

He further contended that the government is leveraging Gachagua's supporters against him preemptively.

Kioni's remarks carry a warning to voters in the Mount Kenya region, urging them to remain vigilant as there are purported schemes to lock them out of power for the next 50 years.

"His allies are turning against him unwittingly, unaware that their reckoning is imminent. 

"The game is over. Saa hii kila mtu amerambwa kabisa, hakukaliki.

"There are schemes to keep us away from authority for 50 years. 

"We are a bloc of nine million electorates that cannot be disregarded. 

"Our sole task is to awaken and reject misleading narratives," Kioni added.


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