Big win for doctors as High Court bans IG KOOME and police from interfering with their strike – Let the doctors demonstrate in peace

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – Doctors can now protest without fear of being harmed by the police.

This is after the Court barred the Inspector General of Police from blocking doctors' protests, which he termed a nuisance in a statement released on Sunday.

In his ruling, Milimani High Court Judge, Justice Jairus Ngaah, barred Koome and other police officers from using force on striking doctors in a case filed by lobby groups. 

In the order, Justice Ngaah prohibited Koome from moving forward with orders given to the police force on April 14 to use force on medics picketing on the streets and the highways. 

“Prohibition restraining the respondent IG Koome or any officer subordinate to him from enforcing his decision of April 14, 2024, by striking the medics' right to strike and to picket peaceably and unarmed,” the order reads in part. 

According to the Judge, Koome and other superior officers will be held liable for issuing unconstitutional orders and directives to officers under their command to use unlawful force on striking doctors. 

The Court further noted that senior officials within the police force failed to investigate and discipline officers using force to disperse citizens demonstrating and picketing as is their right. 

“A structural interdict is issued directing the respondent (IG Koome) to investigate and discipline police officers who have violated the Constitution by using force on striking doctors’ contrary to 36, 37 and 41 of the Kenyan Constitution,” the order states. 


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