Thome Murder: Before GITONGA met JOAN, he had spent 6 hours with another lady in the same Airbnb - Details emerge.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - Lawrence Gitonga, the 33-year-old man being held by police in connection with the death of 19-year-old college student Joan Mbula Nzomo at an Airbnb inThome estate, had spent 6 hours in the same Airbnb with another unidentified woman before he met Joan.

He had booked the Airbnb on Friday at 6.30 pm and checked in with a woman.

They spent most of the evening together.

She left at around 11 PM.

Gitonga went to an entertainment joint along Mirema Drive where he met Joan, a student at Nairobi Aviation College.

They went to the Airbnb at around 3 am, where Joan met her death under mysterious circumstances.

“The man bought the lady a bottle of Gilbeys as he was also having another alcoholic drink. They then decided to go back to his room,” a detective involved in investigations said.

Detectives are investigating whether she died by suicide or fell accidentally while trying to escape from a threat.

Neighbors said they heard her screaming for help from the balcony of the house before she fell.

Investigators are keen to find out what a post-mortem will reveal about the cause of her death, as they seek to establish the circumstances that led to her demise.

Gitonga, who was found lying unconscious in the bathroom, told police that Joan allegedly stabbed him.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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