RUTO and GACHAGUA are the real enemies of Mt. Kenya– See how many Kikuyus they have rendered jobless in Murang’a alone?

 Sunday, March 17, 2024 - More than 10,000 people in Murang’a have been rendered jobless following the directive by President William Ruto’s government.

In a meeting on Friday, the area leaders condemned the move to close bars operating near residential areas and schools, advocating for the rights of those affected.

The leaders further requested that the government focus its efforts on regulating manufacturers instead, as the owners of bars and joints were not involved in producing the illegal drinks.

“From the Chiefs to their assistants, whatever is happening on the ground is very malicious and its harassment. Let us work together to wage war on the illicit products, but not on local businesses,” one leader stated. 

Jubilee Secretary General (SG) Jeremiah Kioni, who attended the meeting condemned the closure of bars, terming it as a targeted attack on local investors.

“They have not been given the products not supposed to their shelves, and no one has compensated their licenses,” Kioni stated. 

“They are the manufacturers that have produced products that have killed people in the past.”

Kioni also promised to join Martha Karua and other lawyers to advocate for the rights of bar owners and other elders recently involved in a Mungiki-related case. 

This comes after he made a vow on Thursday, to sue the government over the closure of bars, if nobody attempted to do so in the coming week. 

“I believe in the coming days there has to be somebody going to court, and if we don’t see one going to court, we will spearhead one in the form of a class suit,” Kioni vowed. 


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