Renowned social media personality, AMAKOVE WALA, started maligning TONEE NDUNGU’s name after he rejected her advances - He produces receipts (VIDEO).


Friday, March 15, 2024 - Renowned medical doctor, social media personality, and Wanderlust Diaries Founder, Amakove Wala, was caught lying when she claimed Tonee Ndungu endangered her children after hitting her car and fleeing the scene to her gullible 100K followers.

She has been maligning Tonnee’s name on social media but it is now emerging that she got mad after he rejected her advances.

Tonee even produced receipts of Dr Amakove shooting her shot on WhatsApp but he turned her down and informed her there is someone special in his life.

Here’s the truth according to Cyprian Nyakundi.

There's the story of Amakove Wala of Wonderlust Diaries and Tonnee Tonee Ndungu, a good friend of mine. I saw the post yesterday but sensed she wasn't being entirely truthful. I commented so and of course.....I've been blocked from Wonderlust Diaries so I'll share it here.

Amakove Wala claimed that Tonnee Ndungu hit her vehicle and fled. She said that Tonee had disappeared and became arrogant and stuff..... mmmmh. I know Tonee on a personal level so I knew Tonee wouldn't be so careless.

 I reached out to him to hear his side of the story. Tonee, being a Tik Toker did a video with receipts. After the accident, Tonee took Wala's kids home by himself.

He towed the damaged car to Amakove's mech...paid for the repairs. And since the vehicle is in repairs hadi leo, he offered to fuel another car for 5 days until the damaged car is ready. How is that for a hit-and-run?

 I see how these people running Facebook Pages gaslight people and because they have an army of ignorant mob on their side, they'll anikaa you on Facebook for trolls and sympathy. It's unfair.

I saw this with Atty Owiso of Buyer Beware. She ate everyone and when there was nobody to eat, she fled to the UK. I thought Amakove Wala was a bit decent, but now I know better.

 Her time is coming..... I think Tonee's only sin is saying he has a madam after Amakove declared she's available for cocurricular activities....But why are people forcing issues surely?

Video of Tonee responding to the allegations and exposing Amakove Wala badly.

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