Policewoman faces 5-year salary deduction for ruining her lover's marriage

Friday, March 15, 2024
 – A female Zimbabwean police officer is now facing a 5-year salary deduction after being accused of ruining a marriage.

The policewoman identified as Chipo Mukwasi has been ordered to pay her boyfriend’s wife US$ 5,000 by a Bulawayo magistrate.

Mukwasi, who is stationed at Tomlinson Depot in Harare, was sued earlier this year by one Yeukai Pfumbirai, who claimed that she was deeply in love with her husband.

On January 9 this year, Pfumbirai was granted a judgment awarding her US$5,000 in her lawsuit against Mukwasi. However, Mukwasi allegedly refused to disclose her home address, making it difficult to serve her with the court summons for payment.

Despite serving Mukwasi with the court summons at her workplace, Pfumbirai faced difficulties as the policewoman allegedly avoided receiving them. Hence, Pfumbirai was left without an option but to pursue a garnishee order as the only viable option for payment.

Consequently, the presiding Bulawayo magistrate, Vakayi Chikwekwe, granted Pfumbirai’s request for a garnishee order on Mukwasi's salary. However, the monthly payment was reduced to US$75 instead of the full US$200 requested.

Pfumbirai told local news platforms;

“I obtained a judgment in my favour on 9 January. The respondent is supposed to pay me a total of US$5 000 broken down as US$2 500 being compensation for the injury, insult and indignity I suffered as a result of the adultery and US$2 500 being compensation for loss of consortium (intangible benefits of a relationship).”

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