NGANNOU in need of medical checkups after fight with ANTHONY JOSHUA

Friday, March 15, 2024
 – Former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, has said he needs to undergo more medical checkups after his fight with Anthony Joshua last weekend.

Joshua floored Ngannou in the first round and early in the second. The former UFC champion never recovered and was clearly dazed when he returned to his feet the second time.

After the knockout, Ngannou, 37, received medical attention immediately.

The Cameroonian fighter has now admitted that he still had to undergo some tests following the savage knockout.

He said: “We move, but regardless I feel okay. I was quite surprised that I remember everything from that fight night and coming back to the locker room. Basically I was conscious right after and since then everything has been good, although (I) still need to run some medical work just in case.

“I feel healthy but for the longevity of the sport… we better check and find out if there’s anything that could be done to get better now… I still need more checkups.”

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