New twist as Pastor KANYARI claims his late sister STARLET WAHU had already sent MATARA Sh 500K before he killed her - Shares bad news on their mother’s current state.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - Controversial city preacher Victor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry Church has once again opened up on the brutal murder of his sister Starlet Wahu at the start of the year.

Wahu was stabbed several times by John Matara at an Airbnb in South B after meeting on a dating site.

According to Kanyari, it was established that Wahu had already sent Matara Ksh 500,000 before he murdered her.

However, he demanded more money.

Recounting the tragic events, Kanyari said that his sister attempted to reach out to him around 2 am on that fateful day she died, desperately seeking help.

Unfortunately, he did not answer the call, unaware of the impending danger she was facing.

He further revealed that the brutal murder of Wahu has affected their mother the most.

Wahu was the lastborn child in the family.

They have to visit her every day to comfort her.

Our mum was affected the most. This was her lastborn child. How we are helping her cope is by making sure that there are people around her all the time. 

"We, as her children, visit her every day and spend time with her,” he added

Matara, who stands accused of Wahu’s murder, remains in custody until March 18, when his application for bail and bond terms will be heard.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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