Massive job losses ahead after RUTO’s government issues exclusive advertisement rights to KBC – Look!

Friday, March 15, 2024 - Media stakeholders have warned of mass job cuts and the closure of media houses following President William Ruto’s government's move to exclusively award its advertisements to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

In a statement released by various associations, including the Kenya Editor's Guild and the Kenya Association of Journalists, the latest move would curtail revenue streams for other media houses.

The associations added that the media houses would be forced to take administrative action and lay off their staff.

"Diverting these resources exclusively to KBC will starve young independent media of crucial financial oxygen, potentially forcing closures, job losses, and a drastic reduction in the media landscape.

"This not only undermines the public's right to access diverse information but also stifles economic activity and innovation within the media sector," read the statement in part.

Further, it was noted that the decision impedes media freedom enshrined in the 2010 Constitution of Kenya.

According to the stakeholders, the government seeks to reinforce the national broadcaster as a powerful tool for shaping public opinion.

As a result, the stakeholders call on the government to reconsider its decision and adhere to the principles of equity as prescribed by the Constitution.

International organisations were also called upon to take an interest in the matter and take a stand against the interference of media freedoms.

The government's directive to advertise only on KBC was issued by ICT Principal Secretary, Edward Kisiang’ani on Friday with PSs and state corporations asked to adhere to the new guidelines.

Kisiang'ani explained that the decision was informed by the government's plan to align its advertising and revamp KBC.


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