Are you a bus driver or a caregiver and looking for a job? Germany is looking for you and paying handsomely – Look!


Friday, March 15, 2024 - Kenyans who are qualified and want to work abroad now have the opportunity to secure employment in Germany.

Those who qualify will be hired as bus drivers and caregivers. The European country is actively looking for engineers, IT specialists, mechanics, and caregivers. 

According to a few officials who spoke to Spiegel, a German publication, major players in the transport industry are insisting on Kenyans due to the country's superior education system.

Additionally, Kenya's high school graduates are considered relatively well-educated and motivated. This qualifies them to work as caregivers once they get the necessary training.

Another reason Germany wants to offer opportunities to Kenyans is due to Kenya’s weak economy which makes the migration a win-win situation.

Local transportation companies in Germany are looking for drivers in Western Kenya, especially in Homa Bay County where eligible candidates are being trained on safety and speaking German.

One of the officials from a local transport company, Torsten Albig, told the publication that Germany had identified more than 100 candidates to boost public transportation.

However, the officials noted that one of the challenges faced is the recognition of qualifications since the Kenyan driving licence is not recognised in Germany.

Kenyan drivers need to apply for another license and complete a Chamber of Commerce exam which takes six months.

Despite the hurdles, the officials are committed to ensuring Kenyans get the opportunities as bus drivers in the European country to fill the shortage.

Besides the training in driving, those who want to join the German healthcare sector also learn basic medical skills before flying out.

To facilitate the migration, President William Ruto and the German government are about to finalise an agreement that would see more Kenyans secure jobs abroad.

Ruto announced that Germany had opened about 250,000 jobs for Kenyans. He spoke while hosting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who was in the country for a state visit.


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