Man is murdered after his baby mama shared his location and called his enemies weak for not going after him

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
 – A Chicago man was shot dead after his child’s mother shared his location on Facebook and called out his enemies for not going after him.

25-year-old Bernardo Romero was murdered on Sunday afternoon, March 17.

Chicago Police Department officials were called to the 4200 block of North Kimball Avenue, where two men approached Bernardo Romero, who was sitting on a front porch in the Irving Park neighbourhood. At around 1:23 p.m., police said the two men confronted Romero on foot and shortly after, they pulled out their guns.

Police said the young Chicago man was shot five times in the chest. The shooters then fled from the scene on foot before driving away in a white SUV.

Following the shooting, the victim was rushed to Illinois Masonic Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

After his death, attention was drawn to a post by his baby mama, who goes by both Marleny Janet and Marleny Romero on Facebook.

She wrote on Facebook: "My bd (baby daddy) got the weakest opps (enemies). He just keep coming home alive and untouched. Ain’t he snitch on half of y’all? Ain’t he ‘rob’ half of y’all? Anyways, he is not located in 4250 N Kimball. I repeat he is not.”

Social media users have called the attention of the police to the post while accusing Marleny of sharing her baby daddy's location on Facebook, ultimately resulting in his death.

Further investigation shows that the woman, who also goes by Marleny Janet online, was arrested on Sunday, August 27, 2023, for a domestic altercation.

According to Chicago Police Department records a 26-year-old woman named Marlene Janet Benitez was arrested on August 27 for Domestic Battery/Bodily Harm. She was then released on August 28.

Social media users have since alleged that Marleny and Bernardo have been experiencing ongoing domestic violence; and that she even allegedly stabbed her child’s father, leading to the arrest previously mentioned.

Marleny has since deactivated her Facebook page, but before this, she first began deleting photos of her child’s father.

As of Monday, March 18, no arrests have been made in the shooting, but an investigation has been launched. According to police, they are unclear as to what led to the shooting.

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