Instead of heckling, just send non-performing leaders home in 2027 – RUTO tells Bomet residents

 Sunday, March 17, 2024 - President William Ruto has told Bomet County residents to wait for 2027 if they are dissatisfied with their leaders.

“You are the people who vote for MCAs, MPs, Senators even this Governor, true or not true?

"I want to tell you that you be patient and be people who deal with matters at the ballot box. 

"If there is any leader who hasn't done their work, wait for the elections to deal with them.....But for now, we have a meeting and let the Governor speak," Ruto said.

The President spoke after residents interrupted Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok's speech by heckling.

Barchok had just started speaking when he appeared to struggle as the crowd heckled, forcing President Ruto to intervene.

The President had to switch to his mother tongue, Kalenjin, to calm down the crowd.

Ruto was in Bomet County to inspect and launch various projects.


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