If a woman loves and respects you, nothing from another man will entice her - Man reveals what an ex-girlfriend of his did after receiving expensive gifts from another man

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
 – This guy believes a woman who loves and respects her man will never be enticed by gifts from another man.

The X user stated this while reacting to a post shared online of a man whose girlfriend told him he is insecure for complaining about her receiving gifts from another man.

In his post, the X user recounted how his ex-girlfriend returned the expensive gifts an anonymous man sent to her.

He said even though he tried to encourage to receive the gifts, his ex felt uncomfortable with keeping the gifts, saying the person who sent the gifts must want something in return.

He said she did everything in her power to find out who the sender was and sent the gifts back.

He also shared a screenshot of the Whatsapp message he received from his ex insisting on returning the gifts.

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