GOD bless RUTO as Matatus reduce fares significantly after EPRA reduced the price if fuel by a Ksh 7 – Look!

Friday, March 15, 2024 – It is good news for Kenyans after Matatus reduced fares significantly following the reduction in the cost of fuel as announced by EPRA yesterday.

Speaking yesterday after EPRA made the announcement, Brendan Marshall, senior Matatu Owners Association (MOA) member, pointed out that they would reduce fares by an average of Ksh20 depending on the route.

For instance, he noted that if a Sacco charged passengers Ksh70 during off-peak hours, it would slightly drop to around Ksh50.

However, he reaffirmed that the fare during peak hours would remain the same.

"The government had gradually increased the fuel prices by around Ksh50 or higher by last year. In the recent past, it has cumulatively dropped by around Ksh10. 

"It won't make a great impact at the pump. For it to be quite effective, it needs to reduce by a wider margin," he stated.

"We thank the government of President William Ruto and appreciate the effort but basically in terms of fare, we will have minimal adjustments hence people should not expect drastic changes."

"For off-peak hours, we will slightly change to accommodate more passengers. During peak hours, it will remain the same, hence if it was Ksh100, it will be at a constant rate," he added.

Marshall expressed confidence that the passengers would be the beneficiaries if the fuel prices continue to drop in the coming months.

EPRA lowered the prices of petrol, diesel, and Kerosene by Ksh7.21, Ksh5.09, and Ksh4.49 respectively.

This translated to a drop below the Ksh200 mark for petrol as it will retail at Ksh199.15 while Diesel and Kerosene will go for Ksh190.38 and Ksh188.74.


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