Former Manchester City star JEROME BOATENG is accused of 'mental and physical abuse of women' by his mother

Friday, March 15, 2024
 – The mother of former Bayern Munich and Manchester City defender, Jerome Boateng has accused her son of 'abusing women for years' in a shocking email sent to a German media outlet.

The German defender was previously found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Sherin Senler three years ago by a court in Munich. However, the conviction was overturned due to procedural errors after the superior regional court in Munich decided in favour of Boateng's appeal.

The 35-year was fined £1.5 million at the time but avoided a potential five-year jail term, however, in October of last year a German court ordered a new trial be held.    Boateng's mother is now said to have sent a document to a Berlin lawyer on March 25, 2021, where she made the alarming allegation against her son.

Commenting on his alleged behaviour in the wake of another of Boateng's former partners, Kasia Lenhardt, taking her own life in 2021, his mother has criticised the former Germany international for 'abusing women psychologically and physically' in an excerpt published by BILD via Der Spiegel.

She writes: 'For years, my son has been abusing women psychologically and physically, now Kasia Lenhardt has taken her own life and he still does not want to bear the consequences for his behaviour.'

The German media outlet continues to reveal a voice message obtained from Lenhardt, stating: 'Unfortunately, he almost broke my left thumb.'

According to the published report, a Berlin lawyer also explains Lenhardt wanted to sue Boateng for assault prior to her tragic death.

Boateng has continued to deny the allegations labelled against him by Spiegel and the player's lawyer responded in March, explaining: 'Due to ongoing proceedings, it is currently not possible for our client to answer your questions in detail.

'Therefore, basically: they are simply misinformed to a large extent; beyond that, it seems that you are only being provided with selective information.'

Former fashion model Lenhardt was previously found unresponsive in an apartment in Berlin on February 9, 2021, at the age of just 25 on the day of her son's sixth birthday.

Polish-born Kasia - real name Katarzyna, had been dating Boateng for 15 months before their relationship fell apart on February 2 2021, sparking a vicious fight that saw the couple exchange blows via social media and the press.

A friend of the Lenhardt's previously told MailOnline in 2021: 'She died a week after Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset by it.'

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