Effeminate man reveals how his mother reacted when he was the only male selected to dress like a woman in an all-female fashion parade event

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
 – A man has gone on X to detail how his mother reacted when he was selected to participate in a fashion parade event that meant he had to dress like a woman.

He explained that he was an effeminate kid and was the only male student chosen to join other female students in the fashion parade, yet, his mother did not bat an eyelid when he informed her he had to dress in female clothes for the event.

He proceeded to narrate how his mother practised with him to ensure he was the best contestant in the competition. She also lent him her native wears to practise.

On the D-day, she gave him a blouse and George wrapper that was just his size, alongside a headtie. She also let him wear makeup.

As he walked out with other female contestants, his mother cheered the loudest, he said.

He praised his mother for being there for him throughout, without making him feel that a boy should not do feminine things.

“She has always been my hero,” the X user wrote as he recounted the incident. 

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