Abort the Haiti mission or else our boys and girls in uniform will die for nothing - Former Defence CS EUGENE WAMWALWA warns RUTO

 Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - Former Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has told President William Ruto to pull out of Haiti's peacekeeping mission or else he will send our boys and girls to their early graves.

This follows the resignation of Ruto’s friend and Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry after public pressure.

In a statement via X, Wamalwa said that the Haitian citizens who mounted pressure on Henry to resign did not want the deployment of Kenyan Police to the Caribbean country.

The DAP K party leader wondered why the Kenyan government is insisting on the deployment of officers based on an agreement signed by the former Haitian Prime Minister.

“If Haitians rejected Ariel Henry with his so-called reciprocal agreement signed with Kenya and he obliged and resigned, they have rejected the deployment of Kenyan police to their Country, why is the KK regime insisting on the deployment of our officers based on a dubious agreement signed by the deposed Prime Minister whose legitimacy and capacity to contract was questionable?” Wamalwa posed.

The former Defence CS said Kenya should abort the mission unless there are other interests Kenya seeks to achieve in the mission.

“The reasonable thing to do in the circumstances is to abort Mission unless there are other interests at play other than National Security interests,” Wamalwa added.

Henry resigned as the Haiti Prime Minister on Monday following weeks of pressure and increasing violence in the Caribbean country.

The former Prime Minister who has led the country since the assassination of the country’s former President is currently stranded in Puerto Rico after being prevented by armed gangs from returning home.

On Monday Interior CS Kithure Kindiki announced that the Haiti peace mission is unstoppable and was in the pre-redeployment phase.


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