We don’t want to deal with RUTO anymore – EU citizens protest as they demand cancellation of trade deal with Kenya

Wednesday March 13, 2024 - European Union (EU) citizens have written protest letters to EU President Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen asking the economic bloc to cancel a trade deal with Kenya.

This was revealed by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) on Tuesday, March 12, as the region's Parliament tried to prevail upon the citizens to cease the protests. 

In their letters, the citizens are calling upon the European Parliament to vote against economic agreements struck between the European Commission and Kenya in December 2023. 

The European Parliament on February 29, approved the agreement paving the way for its implementation. 

The citizens have further demanded the cancellation of a similar agreement signed between the EU and the government of Chile during the same period. 

“These citizens are concerned that the agreements would be detrimental to local populations and environmental protection,” EPRS noted. 

EPRS, which provides comprehensive research and analytical support to the Members of the European Parliament, its parliamentary committees, and the European Parliament, noted that the citizens were demanding a review of EU trade policies.

However, defending the agreement with Kenya, the EU noted that it would boost bilateral trade, increase investment, contribute to sustainable economic growth, and work towards a green transition away from fossil fuel use.

The EU citizens’ concerns were addressed by being assured that the agreement would ensure climate and environmental protection as well as worker’s rights and gender equality. 

Additionally, they were appraised that the agreement was a precursor to strengthening EU relations with Africa.


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