Enough is enough, we voted for you but didn’t know you will turn out to be this useless - Churches now wake up as they turn against RUTO and his bad policies

Saturday, February 3, 2024 - The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has woken up from its deep slumber after realizing who President William Ruto truly is.

In a statement, the churches indirectly asked for forgiveness for overwhelmingly supporting and voting for Ruto in the 2022 General Election.

They accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of harsh taxation measures and neglecting the concerns raised by different stakeholders. 

Led by NCCK Secretary General Chris Kinyanjui, the council alleged that Ruto disrespected the rule of law by failing to adhere to principles of good governance.

“Yes, our members voted for you but they did not vote for you to increase taxes,” he stated.

Kinyanjui further argued that Ruto’s policies were not working as Kenyans were struggling to pay taxes and make ends meet.

"Our church members are saying although they supported Kenya Kwanza, we did not support Kenya Kwanza to increase taxes," Kinyanjui commented.

The NCCK lamented that taxation measures, particularly the housing levy and the social health fund, had significantly affected Kenyans' take-home pay. 

"We did not give the Kenya Kwanza mandate, to charge them the housing levy for houses they don't need,"

"We don't want to be charged more, for health like NHIF, increasing it and also the other taxes that are being increased is unjustified," he further clarified.

NCCK further urged the government to set up a social and economic council to address the country’s economic challenges.

The clerics stated that the council should be mandated to address and create public awareness of other proposed taxes, especially in the agriculture sector. 


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  1. And the police officers who were collecting bribes daily