Police officer beaten to a pulp and forced to smoke bhang in Murang’a County for collecting bribes


Saturday, February 3, 2024 - A police officer based in Murang'a County is fighting for his life at Murang’a County Level 5 hospital after he was beaten badly by a gang of criminals.

According to witnesses, the officer and his colleagues had raided the Kayole area to crack down on a drug trafficking network.

However, they encountered a gang who claimed that the officers had taken bribes to allow the illegal bhang business to continue.

"The gang claimed that not even 20 minutes had passed since other police officers arrived and took bribes," one of the witnesses said.

This led to a confrontation between the gang and the police, forcing the other two to scamper for safety.

 Their colleague was left at the mercy of the gang that coerced him into smoking the banned substance.

Confirming the incident, Murang’a East Police Commander Mary Wakuu said they had initiated an investigation.

The police boss reiterated that a search would be conducted to apprehend the suspects, adding that the area was under scrutiny over drug peddling.

 "It is an area that we must clean up. I also warn the police to execute their duties with prudence and integrity. 

"All these matters will be investigated, and a comprehensive report will be prepared," she said.

Wakuu further stated that they would probe whether the three officers were demanding a bribe, as claimed by the witness.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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