You won’t believe what detectives recovered after conducting a search in an apartment where 2 Nigerian men linked to RITA WAENI’s murder were arrested.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 - Two middle-aged Nigerian men have been arrested in connection to the brutal murder of 20-year-old University student Rita Waeni at an Airbnb along TRM Drive.

The suspects, William Ovie Opia and Johnbull Asbor, were arrested on Sunday after Rita Waeni’s head was recovered near Kiambaa dam.

Detectives from the Criminal Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) traced them to an apartment in Ndenderu in Kiambu County.

The suspects were living not very far from the area where Rita Waeni’s head was recovered.

Detectives recovered a hatchet, butcher’s knife, a national identity card belonging to a Kenyan (name withheld), six mobile phones, three laptops, 10 SIM cards from different telecom services providers, and other items from the house where the two suspects were living.

It was also established that the suspects were in the country illegally.

Detective Constable Benjamin Wangila of Kasarani DCI offices sought an order to hold the suspects for eight days at the Kasarani police station as investigations continue.

Senior Principal Magistrate Agnes Mwangi of Makadara Law Courts ordered the suspects to be held until January 31.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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