RUTO’s troubles compound as his impeachment now looms – See who has vowed to teach him a lesson he will never forget?


Sunday, January 28, 2024 – Embattled President William Ruto could suffer yet another career-threatening blow.

This is after Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah vowed to teach him a lesson he will never forget for threatening the Judiciary.

Speaking on Friday, Omtatah revealed his plans to file a case against Ruto over his constant attacks against the Judiciary.

The senator explained that the President had overstepped his bounds by meddling with the affairs of the Judiciary.

Other than seeking legal redress in court, the activist vowed to push for Ruto's impeachment should he fail to retract his remarks which reportedly tainted the image of the Judiciary.

" I'm trying to get the police to record my statement. The case has been transferred from Nairobi to Kisii and I will be heading there on January 31, 2024, to deal with it," he detailed.

"To me, it's a serious allegation because the independence of the Judiciary is not for his benefit but for that of the people. It's the people who benefit when the judge is not biased."

"So, this is something close to my heart and I would be asking that the President withdraws his statement or I'll build a file for him to leave office and deal with him," the senator stated. 

Omtatah lauded the judges for the judgments delivered on Friday including the nullification of the Housing Levy and the barring of the National Police Service (NPS) from deploying police officers to Haiti.

He noted that the independence of the Judiciary is integral to the development of a country.

"The Judiciary gave priority to the people of this country. 

"If we allow this law that has been declared unconstitutional to continue, it will create chaos and the public interest will not be served in that route," he added.

Omtatah was among the respondents who filed the case against the Housing Levy, arguing that it lacked merit and was unconstitutional.

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