Rapper TRAVIS SCOTT gifts janitor $5,000 to take night off and enjoy concert

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
 – American rapper, Travis Scott's 'Utopia' recent tour stop at Miami has showcased his generous side.

After seeing a janitor wield a mop to clean up after all the sweaty ragers, he halted the show and questioned the venue's motives for having the guy tarnish his mosh pit's essence.

He then asked the janitor to drop the mop and soak up the rest of the show as a fan because he's paying him $5K to do so.

As the crowd got charged up by Travis' random act of kindness, he lit them up even more by dropping his Playboi Carti-assisted banger "Fein" on the crowd, causing them to lose it and sweat even more.

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