We have lost legitimacy and it is untenable to be an MP; I am ready and willing to resign today – ODM MP shocks his colleagues

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - Nyaribari Masaba MP Daniel Manduku has shocked his colleagues after expressing his willingness to resign from his role over the current state of the nation.

Speaking during an interview, the ODM legislator relayed that the members of the public had lost faith in the government hence the need to have MPs leave office.

Manduku further stated that he will be sustaining his calls to have Parliament dissolved and fresh elections organised for the government to reclaim legitimacy from the Kenyan population.

He noted even if he resigned, the only solution to Kenyans’ problems would be fresh elections to allow Kenyans to choose representatives who will advance their best interests.

“I may resign but Parliament is constituted by quorum as long as there are fifty of us, we will still transact business,” Daniel Manduku.

Manduku further elaborated that if Kenya were to hold an election in the wake of recent developments, Kenyans would exhibit a more grounded voting pattern.

According to the legislator, Kenyans have been voting along party lines rather than through assessing individuals, resulting in the “six-piece” voting pattern.

He further stated that his proposal to dissolve parliament was unpopular among his colleagues who have pushed him to give up his seat without calling for Parliament to be dissolved.

However, he maintained that the recent invasion of Parliament signifies a failure of the institution to maintain order, respect, and public trust.

Manduku, additionally proposed that Kenya could also adopt a scheduled election system where leaders from various positions are elected after different intervals.

According to the MP, this would enable Kenyans to rate the leaders effectively and vote objectively.

“The only thing we would have to do is ensure that these elections are affordable,” Manduku added.


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