We can’t have a murderer in State House; RUTO must go! WAITITU declares after killing of unarmed Gen Zs

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 - Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has accused President William Ruto of poorly handling the demonstrations by the Gen Zs, saying he has no choice now but to resign.

Speaking during an interview, Waititu claimed that Ruto should consider resigning, owing to the unrelenting anti-government protests being experienced across the country.

"He will not be the first to be ousted, from Algeria to Tunisia the signs were similar. At the end of the day even this one (Ruto), he will have no other option but to go," he stated.

Besides, Waititu accused Ruto of unleashing brutal force against unarmed Gen Zs during protests, leading to several killings and injuries.

At the same time, Waititu explained that Ruto had failed to honor his numerous promises to Kenyans and did not offer Kenyans an explanation leading to the current unrest in the country.

The politician gave examples of other countries where Heads of State were impeached or forced to step down due to their failure to fulfill their promises to the electorate.

Waitutu noted that currently, Kenyans were now alert and aware that Ruto made false promises. 

The former governor added that the unrest in the country was a result of many factors fuelled by the high cost of living experienced under the Kenya Kwanza regime.

He further criticized Ruto for not giving adequate responses when taken to task by Kenyans and gave the example of Ruto's first address to the nation after the protests staged last Tuesday.

"Instead of sympathising and sending condolences to the families whose children died, he was busy complaining about what had been destroyed," Waititu remarked.

Waititu emphasized Ruto was supposed to empathise with the citizens, apologise for his wrongdoings and outline a way forward. 


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