This is wastage! SIFUNA shocked at the amount of money RUTO allocated him to drive on the Nairobi Expressway – No wonder Gen Zs are angry

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has recommended stringent austerity measures, including budget cuts and concessional allocations for legislators.

Speaking during a Senate session yesterday, the ODM lawmaker noted that the budget cuts would be a relief to Kenyans who are currently demanding accountability from the parliamentarians.

Among the budget cuts recommended by the legislator include the toll fee allocation to some of the senators including him, which caters to his expense when using the expressway.

According to Sifuna, his current toll fee allowance stood at Ksh377,000, an amount that the lawmaker termed outrageous and unnecessary.

“When I became the deputy minority whip, I was allocated a GK vehicle, on the first day that I used that car to go home, I passed through the expressway, and I was shocked at the amount of money that was on my ETC card," Sifuna narrated.

"As of this morning when I used the car to come here, there is Ksh377,000 on my ETC on the vehicle that I had been given by parliament. I honestly do not need such an amount of money,” he added.

The Nairobi senator went ahead and urged legislators to express high levels of integrity especially when approving budget allocations for themselves.

Sifuna also rejected the proposed salary increment for him and other State Officers by the SRC.


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