RUTO’s Govt is dysfunctional; nothing is working – Senator CHERUIYOT now confesses as he dims Kenyans’ hope of a better future

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - Senate Majority Leader and Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has deflated Kenyans' hope of a better future under President William Ruto.

This is after he admitted that nothing is working in Ruto’s government as they thought it would.

Speaking during proceedings, Cheruiyot acknowledged on the floor of the house that the State of the Nation is not ideal and some things need to change.

He pointed to a broken system that has over the years hindered the country from reaching its full potential.

"Mr. Speaker the country is complaining of a broken system, that nothing works. That this is a rigged economy where only those with proximity to power have an advantage over the rest," he said.

While referencing grievances raised by Kenyans, he tendered his apology to Kenyans on the events that ensued after the passing of the Finance Bill.  

"I tender my unreserved apology to the country for everything that has contributed to the mess and place we are in... There were days at night I was thinking of quitting but said even quitting would not solve."

The senator pointed out that the recent charged protests have been fueled by anger from Kenyans hurting from seeing opulence from state officers and elected leaders.

The UDA lieutenant regretted that the institutions established by the constitution to fight corruption have been captured by cartels leading to wanton graft.

To drive his point home, Cheruiyot further urged the government to go a step further and ban fundraisings in churches and other public forums as a means to tackle corruption.


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