Shock as MURKOMEN, who is accused of stealing money and stashing it in DUBAI and CAYMAN ISLANDS, calls for a lifestyle audit on all state officers.

Sunday, July 7, 2024 - Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen, has called on a lifestyle audit on all public officers to minimise corruption in public service.

Murkomen, who is accused of stealing billions and hiding it in Dubai and the Cayman Islands, urged Parliament to urgently introduce a Lifestyle Audit Bill to scrutinize the living standards of public officers.

“I propose that Parliament urgently introduces and passes Lifestyle Audit Bill to provide the parameters of auditing the state and public officers and to investigate their living standards to ascertain consistency with their lawful income,” he said on Saturday.

The Cabinet Secretary highlighted growing concerns that some state and public officers are living beyond their means, which necessitates a formal process to verify the sources of their wealth.

“Kuliko tuongee kwa mdomo tu, watu wanasema..., huyu alikuwa waziri jana, amenunua kiatu, amenunua shati, amejenga nyumba… Why don’t we pass a law in Kenya for lifestyle audit, so that after every one year we can do a lifestyle audit of everyone holding public office,” Murkomen said.


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