Shock as former Police Spokesman CHARLES OWINO justifies killing of unarmed Gen Zs during protests – Look!

Friday, July 5, 2024 - Former Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has shocked the nation. This is after he justified the killing of innocent and unarmed Gen Z protesters during anti-government demos that rocked the country for the past two weeks.

Speaking during a media interview, Owino called upon Kenyans to face reality, especially during the ongoing anti-government protests and a court ruling barring police from using force to disperse crowds,

He emphasised that it was important for police officers to be allowed to use live bullets especially to prevent the destruction of property.

"We must first of all as a country agree that this is our country and we must protect it," he stated.

Owino, currently the Chairperson of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Council, added that the looting and destruction of private and public property witnessed during protests was due to court orders preventing police from taking drastic measures.

He added that police needed to be allowed to use live bullets, especially on rowdy protesters as seen on June 25.

The former spokesperson questioned what Kenyans expected police to do when they breach security in Parliament and target protected areas.

"We must adhere to the law and act within our limits to maintain order. Failure to do so will lead to anarchy," he added.

According to Owino, police were trained to deal with protestors and minimize the number of casualties during protests, He added that police were trained to quell violence and restore peace.

"You use teargas and batons to disperse but what do you do at a time when property is being destroyed? These are the times to use firearms," he remarked.

He emphasized that although rubber bullets would effectively stop chaos, live bullets were more useful in preventing such situations.

According to Owino, if Kenyans were aware looting and destroying other people's property would be met with live ammunition no one would attempt it.


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