Gen Zs may ‘greet’ Belgut MP NELSON KOECH as he vows never to apologize for voting 'YES' to RUTO’s draconian Finance Bill – Look!

Friday, July 5, 2024 - Belgut Member of Parliament Nelson Koech has defended his decision to vote 'YES' to President William Ruto’s draconian Finance Bill, which has since been withdrawn.

Speaking during an interview, the UDA legislator remarked that he harboured no regrets, reiterating that Kenyans will in due course applaud MPs who supported it.

"I stand by my vote in support of the Finance Bill. Why would I apologise?" he posed during an early morning talk show on Citizen TV.

The MP argued that MPs had taken the necessary steps to scrutinize the contents of the controversial bill and dropped the clauses which they felt were not in the best interests of Kenyans.

"Shortly you will feel the effect and you will thank the people who voted yes."

He further added that the government will now be forced to raise finances using other alternative means to fund government operations.

Koech also seized the opportunity to slam Raila Odinga’s Azimio for mounting pressure on Ruto to deliver amid empty coffers. 

This comes even as a section of UDA-allied MPs came out to publicly apologize following the massive backlash they received from Kenyans across the board.

Last week, Ruto bowed to the pressure mounted by Kenyans and declined to sign the bill into law after nationwide protests rocked most parts of the country. 

The historic protest saw youths storm Parliament to demand that MPs listen to Kenyans who had explicitly voiced their opposition to the bill.


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