RUTO lies again as he says he was the one who asked church leaders to ban politicians from the ALTAR – This will anger GEN Z more

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - President William Ruto has once again lied to Kenyans after he said he is the one who ordered church leaders not to allow politicians at the altar.

Speaking during a roundtable interview with media houses on Sunday, Ruto said he urged church leaders to stop politicians from using the church pulpit or any place of worship to advance their agendas.

"It is not right, and I agree we need to change that culture," he said. 

He also hinted at a plan to end the tradition of conducting fundraisers (Harambee) in churches.

He argued that harambees initially started as a charitable practice to help people raise funds for purposes such as school fees and medical expenses, but that has since changed.

 He asserted that politicians engaging in church fundraisers are contributing to fostering corruption in the country.

 "It has stretched too far and I think as a country, it has come to a time when we must stop harambees because it is breeding corruption." He said.

What Ruto didn’t tell Kenyans is that it is Gen Z that urged church leaders not to allow politicians near the altar.


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