RUTO is in serious panic as OMTATAH ‘declares’ his 2027 presidential bid following pressure from Gen Zs – His goose is cooked

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 – President William Ruto may have it very rough in 2027. This is after Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah declared that he might be on the ballot gunning for the presidency come the next election.

This is after a section of Kenyans, especially the Ge Zs, put pressure on him to vie for the presidency in 2027 to deliver Kenya from the grip of corruption.

Speaking on the subject, Omtatah said that he would not rule himself out for the race if Kenyans view him as the best candidate.

However, he insisted that the focus should now be on bettering the country. 

"If I have to go for the presidency, I'm a politician and I don't rule anything out. If I go for the presidency, it must be a candidature which is very well managed and one that has got clear deliverables," he said.

Omtatah said should he get an opportunity to form a government, he will ensure it succeeds because he doesn't want to be part of a failure.

"It must not be about me; it must be about Kenya and how we get our country back. 

"There must be a proper vehicle for delivering this country and if it comes out that I'm the best driver for that vehicle so be it, but if there is a better driver than me, I will still support that better leader," Omtatah added.

The Busia senator said that Kenyans should focus on what needs to be done to better the country rather than who should be the President.

He said the country must implement the rule of law, especially at this time.

"It must not be about individuals, it must be about change in this country and if there is a proper organisation then many people can become president in this country," he said.

Earlier on while speaking in an X Space, Omatath encouraged the Gen Zs not to lose hope and fight for the liberation of the country.

Omtatah was one of the most vocal leaders to oppose the now-impugned Finance Bill, 2024


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