Reshuffle Cabinet and scrap CDF to pay debts – UDA Senator TABITHA MUTINDA now advices RUTO how to appease angry Gen Zs

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 – UDA Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda has come up with brilliant advice to embattled President William Ruto on how to bring the political pressure in the country down amid ongoing demonstrations by Gen Z.

 According to Mutinda, Ruto should scrap the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and use the money to repay debts.

The Senator urged all MPs, regardless of political affiliation, to submit an amendment to scrap the kitty and reallocate the funds.

“All Members of parliament need to scrap CDF; they need to get into parliament with the agenda of removing CDF. The funds should then be redirected to clear the National Debt,” she stated.

Mutinda further argued that the protests which are being largely fuelled by the Gen-Z would stop if such stringent measures were adopted.

According to the Senator, another convincing action that would get the Kenyan Youth to calm down would be a Cabinet reshuffle.

However, she proposed that the President be allowed enough time to make the changes in his Cabinet.

This follows an uproar across several platforms where Kenyans have lamented about certain Cabinet members' incompetence.


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