Rapper MISSY ELLIOTT reveals she previously postponed going on tour due to loyalty to her elderly dog

Saturday, July 06, 2024 - American rapper, Missy Elliott has revealed she postponed going on tour in the past because she wanted to stay home with her elderly dog.

The rapper, 53, who will embark on her first tour in five years - Out of This World: The Missy Elliott Experience Tour (with Ciara and Busta Rhymes) - told People she wanted to stay home with her senior dog Hoodie  - who lived to be 17.

She said: 'I stayed home a lot because I didn't want to go out on the road, and something happened. He was 17 and lived a long, happy life.

She said the Yorkshire Terrier Hoodie was 'so pretty' and 'lived a very long time.'

After he died in November, she reflected on going on tour again, saying: 'So I said, 'Okay, now I can leave the house without having to worry about anything. So Ciara and my dog played a big influence in me making the decision to go out.'

Announcing Hoodie's death on Instagram last year, she wrote: '17 and half years old you been with me & And anyone know us it's always been me & you,' she began. 'Who would think that a pet would turn into a family member. If I left the house for 5 minutes and came back you would make me feel like I had been gone for years the way you would run to me. I will miss you sooo much.'

'I'm trying to hold up but you will no longer suffer & I know Poncho been waiting for you at the rainbow bridge and you are in good hands with him & in God's arms. I love you forever Hoodie Rest Peacefully.'

The star will be accompanied on her tour by six-year-old dog, Miss Fendi Dior.

Last month the musician actress revealed that since being diagnosed with Graves' disease and dealing with a busy schedule had become too much to handle.

'Every day I wake, I'm blessed to be here and in good health,' she said to People.

About her current state, the Get Ur Freak On singer told the outlet she is 'feeling so much better.'

She said 'That was a run. Every now and then you get a little ache in the leg or the knee, but outside of that, I feel good.'

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