RAILA incites Gen Zs to keep on with their revolution to liberate Kenyans from RUTO’s firm grip even as he calls for dialogue

Sunday, July 7, 2024 - Azimio Leader Raila Odinga has called for a constructive dialogue after nationwide anti-government protests rocked most parts of the country in the past few weeks.

As part of the austerity measures, the Azimio Chief called on the national government, state officers, and leaders to have an all-inclusive robust engagement and discussion to listen to the plight of Kenyans who are experiencing tough economic times.

Kenyans who were angered by the current economic crisis stormed the streets to protest against the finance bill, and heavy taxation that would be imposed on various commodities.

In a rallying call to support the efforts taken by Gen Z who took to the streets to protest against what they termed government punitive taxes and controversial finance bill, Raila pushed for a need to address all concerns raised by Kenyans during demonstrations.

"What this country now requires is a serious and comprehensive dialogue. If we do this, then we will be able to fix all issues that have gone wrong," Raila said.

While attending the burial of the former Member of Parliament, Maina Wanjigi - father to businessman Jimi Wanjigi, Raila echoed the protesters' push for new reforms while explaining why he distanced himself from the protests.

"Gen Z told me to step back because I have done enough, and they will proceed. I have taken a step back, but I am behind you,” Raila stated.


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