RAILA forced to change his phone number after Gen Zs cyberbullied him for going to bed with their oppressor, RUTO – Look! Never joke with these guys

Thursday, July 11, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is regretting supporting President William Ruto’s call for dialogue with the Gen Zs.

This is after Gen Zs invaded his privacy and bullied him after his phone number was shared online for going to bed with their oppressor.

While addressing the Pan African Youth Convention, Azimio Principal Kalonzo Musyoka accused the youth of cyberbullying Raila for betraying them by urging them to dialogue.

Kalonzo narrated how Gen Zs bombarded Raila’s phone with messages following his meeting with Ruto on Tuesday.

According to the Wiper party leader, Odinga was forced to change his phone number as he received numerous messages and phone calls.

Kalonzo while narrating the incident, called on Kenyans to express kindness towards the ODM leader since he has done much for this country.

“I spoke to my big brother Hon. Raila Odinga on my way here, people went to visit him yesterday. And when they visited Baba, he had to change his telephone number,” Kalonzo revealed.

“Because the Gen Z put his number everywhere. Maybe it's a measure of cyberbullying, please be kind to Baba. If they can do that to Raila Odinga, imagine who else in this country.”

Nonetheless, Kalonzo lauded the Kenyan youth for their persistence in championing revolution in the country, stating the recent protests by Generation Z brought about social cohesion.

According to Kalonzo, the Kenyan youth did what for a long time proved elusive for major political parties and civil organizations to implement.

"We need to clap for Gen Zs, imagine they have taken over what the NCIC and political parties failed to do," Kalonzo stated.

"I believe that the African youth can similarly emulate the Kenyan Gen Zs by claiming the rights enshrined in their respective constitutions," he added.


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